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DIY Parts

  • Eight port RGB light strip connectors
  • Includes two RGB LED light strips
  • Built-in IC preset for directly changing colors
  • Built-in magnetic strip and adhesive tape provide flexible install option

LSB01 is a SilverStone designed RGB light strip control box with 8 port signal control. For use in conjunction with SilverStone LS02, it easily expands the amount of lighting that one can control and solves the problem of insufficient RGB 4pin connectors. It can control light via motherboard RGB software or other RGB 4pin host. Apart from this, for those enthusiast‘s motherboard that lacks RGB 4pin or without another signal source, the LSB01 can still offer direct control via case switch with an included cable adapter.


Model No. SST-LSB01
Material Plastic outer shell
Included Parts SST-LS02 RGB LED strip x 2
Extend Y cable x 2****
RGB 4pin signal cable x 1
4pin peripheral cable x 1
Signal input *Via RGB 4pin host (+12V, G, R, B**) or built-in IC control
Signal output SilverStone custom RGB 4pin x 8***
Net weight 30g
Dimension 46mm (W) x 19mm (H) x 85mm (D)
1.81″ (W) x 0.75″ (H) x 3.35″ (D)


* Be sure to turn off power before switching signal input switch or install / remove LED strip

** Please check the signal source’s pin header that you want to connect is the same as LSB01’s pin definition.

*** Control box’s connectors are proprietary SilverStone custom connectors and are not compatible with other RGB strip’s 4pin connectors.

**** One to two Y cable can support SilverStone custom connectors and others RGB 4pin connectors.