AVerMedia Video Converter (ET110 )

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Replay older videos in HDMI format.

  • Looking for an easy way to replay those VHS movies or retro video games on an HDMI screen?
  • The Video Converter ET100 series does just that by converting analog video and audio into HDMI format. So there’s no need to throw away your VHS tapes or older game console, because now those precious memories can be revisited anytime on your screen.

Pure digital performance.

  • Convert analog video signals from VGA, composite or component to HDMI, the most widely incorporated digital interface for accurate, uncompressed video transmission.

Seamless conversion. Full enjoyment.

  • With real-time pass-through, the video conversion runs smooth without hiccups, so you can enjoy every moment playing your favorite retro games.

Plug and play.

  • Installing the converter is simple; connect a source to the converter’s inputs, then connect the HDMI output to a display – done. And best of all, no computer or software is required.

Highly compatible.

  • The converter accommodates a wide range of resolutions (VESA standard timing) to ensure a proper display on your screen.

ET110: VGA to HDMI.

  • Video Converter ET110 converts VGA signal into HDMI without a PC. The cables are designed to be easily organized and compatible with different port placements on desktops or laptops. It only takes a minute to set up and will save you the cost of a video card with HDMI out.


Interface: USB 2.0
Input signal: D-sub 15 pin VGA (ET110)
• 3.5 mm (ET110)
Output signal: HDMI
System Requirements:


Source device with VGA / component / composite output
Source device with 3.5 mm / L&R audio output
TV or monitor with HDMI input
Power supply: USB 2.0
HDMI cable Composite cable / component cable
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  • Video Converter
  • Quick Guide