Inspired by Technology

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in our little sunny island, Singapore. Avertek Enterprises is an all-in-one wholesale distribution platform. We distribute to small-medium enterprises, retail outlets, big box retailers, online-stores, internet service providers and system integrators.

With a wide range of predominantly high performance computing hardwares, an efficient fully-stocked warehouse, robust inventory managment system, logistical and warranty support. We empower and equip our customers to kick start and grow their businesses with our wide distribution channels, award-winning support, and inspiring tech knowledge.

Avertek Enterprises is 100% founder-owned and in our core is our team of highly motivated individuals who are all fueled by grit and passion. We believe in inspiring technological knowledge through our people. Avertek strives to create a culture that empowers a humble, creative and independent workforce.


Giving life to the tech community and the way we look at technology.


Fueling young technopreneurs with grit and passion. We are passionate about our small business partners. At Avertek we believe that collaboration creativity and inspiration are powerful tools to help them make their dreams a reality.


Ownership & Reponsibility

We take responsibility for our own greatness, we believe no one can take that courage walk for you.

People with Passion

We invest in our people and believe that diverse skills, talents, ideas fueled by grit and passion are what makes us great.

Love for Tech

We believe in the importance of technology and the use of our products to make it a meaningful part of our lives.

Crafting a
timeless journey

We are strategic and take deliberate steps to build a sustainable business that will stand the test of time.

Unity in our vision

We are all united in Avertek’s vision, we hold ourselves and each other accountable, and we push one another to do our best work every day.

Dedication to
our community

We are dedicated to our mission. We care deeply about every business partner, regardless small or large. Our community is the soul of the product and we work hard to understand and meet their needs.

Avertek’s Milestones & Accreditations


Our journey begins here, the birth of Avertek Enterprises.


Growing our product lines and business channels from strength to strength


Enermax onboarded | Asus Best Partner Gold Award | SOE Award


Asustor Onboarded | Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award


Asus Awards GOLD
(Open Platform Business)


Silverstone Onboarded | Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise | Asus Awards Gold (Open Platform Business)


Asus Awards Gold (Open Platform Business)


Care community Certificate of Appreciation | Asus Awards Gold (Open Platform Business)


Asus Awards Gold (Open Platform Business)


Team Group & Arozzi Onboarded | Asus Awards Gold (Open Platform Business)


AK Racing , XP Pen – XenceLabs onboarded | Asus Awards Gold
(Open Platform Business)


Asus Awards Platinum
(Open Platform Business)