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PSU Accessories

  • Adapts SFX PSU to fit ATX(PS2) PSU mounting holes
  • Designed for use in most ATX or Micro-ATX cases
  • Uniquely offsets SFX PSU mount to increase available case space

SilverStone’s PP08 is a SFX to ATX power supply adapter bracket that is designed for ATX, Micro ATX, or Mini-ITX cases. It has offset mounting holes for SFX power supplies, which crucially increases available spaces inside a small case by up to 10mm compared to ordinary adapters. This helps to create more room for other components and enables users to easily utilize SFX power supplies in more cases and applications.


Model No. SST-PP08B
Color Black
Material 0.8mm SECC
Application ATX power supply adapter
Capacity SFX, SFX-L
Dimension 150mm (L) x10mm (H) x 86mm (W)
5.91″ (L) x 0.39″ (H) x 3.39″ (W)