In-Win Premium Basic Series 750W PB-750

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Premium Basic Series 750W PB-750

    The all new PB Series is an 80 PLUS® Gold certified gaming power supply. Gamers can adjust the colors of the built-in RGB LED fan to match personal preferences. Produce a light show in your gaming rig!
  • Sync Lighting Effects
    The PB Series is compatible with RGB-supported motherboards(4pin, 12V). Simply activate the motherboard software and the power supply’s RGB LEDs will perfectly complement your gaming rig.
  • RGB Mode
    Gamers can also turn off the M/B RGB override button to manually switch the colors or activate the breathing effect. This mode provides eight options: Red, green, dark blue, yellow, purple, light blue, white and breathing effect. Completely match the theme of your rig!
  • The power supply also features a built-in memory function to save the applied color, insuring the same selected color appears every time you boot your PC.
  • Think Sync!
    The PB Series is capable of synchronizing with other RGB sync-ready components by using the 4-pin RGB headers (such as RGB fan and LED strip). Create your own synchronized lighting show!
  • 5V and 3.3V DC to DC Design
    The DC to DC converter design provides superior dynamic response and supports a foundation for greater system stability.
  • Highly Reliable Japanese Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
    Premium Japanese capacitors with 105°C rating improve power stability at higher temperatures and provides an ultra-long lifespan.
  • Fully Modular Cables for Quick and Easy Installation
    The fully modular and low-profile cable design lets gamers quickly and easily install for tidier cable management.