Proof Of Purchase:
All claims for warranty must be accompanied by the product, original sales receipt and warranty card. All warranties are valid and commence from date of invoice. In the event that the above cannot be provided, warranty will be based on manufacturing date of the products.

Warranty Period and Warranty Policy of Products:
Product is fully warranty against manufacturing defects under normal use during the warranty period from date of purchase. All products are to be brought into our SERVICE CENTRE. We only accept parts or products that belongs to Avertek.
The product requiring service must be presented with this warranty card and/or proof of purchase to dealer or SERVICE CENTRE. In the event that product is no longer available, Avertek reserved the rights to exchange to a similar or equivalent product.
All warranty claims are also subject to manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

Warranty is not valid and does not apply under any of these conditions:
Unauthorised repair or modifications to the product;
Serial number or label or warranty sticker found tampered with other than its original state;
Accessories, wear and tear, and/or natural disaster;
Usage other than in accordance with usage instruction;
PCB cracked, PCB dented, PCB burned, pin bend, scratched or physical damages;
Avertek is not liable for any loss or damage to programs, hardware or data.
Avertek is not liable for any losses or damages arising from loss of use, loss of profit/revenue, or any indirect losses or damages.

Warranty does not include the following:
Onsite services, delivery and handling charges incurred in the transportation of the product to & from our SERVICE CENTER
Software/driver installation
Software related problems.

Collection of items:
All items must be collected 3 months from the date of completed repair, Avertek reserve the right to dispose of any items that is not collected after the 3 months grace period. Completed repair date will start from that date Avertek informs customer of completed repair.

Refund Policy:
There is no refund for all products.

How long is my warranty:

Brands Warranty Period
AK RACING All products: 2 Years Limited warranty
AROZZI All products: 2 Years Limited warranty
ASUS Wireless: 3 years
Monitor: 3 years onsite
DVD: 1 year
Mini PC: 3 years onsite
ASUSTOR NAS: 3 years
AVERMEDIA All products: 1 Year
ENERMAX Power Supply: 3 Year
Casing: 1 Year
INWIN Power Supply: 3 Year
Casing: 1 Year
SILVERSTONE Power Supply: 3 Year
Casing: 1 Year
TEAM All Products: 3 Year
XENCELABS All Tablets: 1 Year
XP PEN All Tablets: 1 Year